“A cleverly constructed hostage thriller… solid acting (there isn’t a weak performance in the bunch!)”

— New York Times

“JUNCTION is an absolute winner. An edge of your seat thriller with a great cast and wonderful writing. This is a must see.”

— Scared Stiff Reviews

“Junction is an exceptional, exciting, intense character-driven thriller … but is about so much more.”

— Pop Culture Beast

“An exceptionally well made film.”

— InFlux Magaizine

“JUNCTION mixes equal parts morbid humor and nail-biting suspense with a plot that keeps heading up unexpected pathways and getting more and more intense as it goes along.”

— HK Film News

“Junction makes for a visceral viewing … a smart engrossing thriller that slowly careens into its real-life-like ending. Bravo.”

— Blunt Review

“The writing is fantastic. The performances are all top notch. A Must See!”

— DVD Verdict

“This is a totally intense film with excellent performances by the entire cast. Everyone has depth which makes this film not your average thriller.”

— Pop Culture Beast

“A quietly effective thriller with a few narrative tricks up its sleeve.”

— Hollywood Reporter

“Executing a tonal shift that might challenge a more seasoned director (this is his first film), Mr. Glazer provides carefully choreographed action and violence that’s both credible and divorced from sadism.”

— New York Times

“JUNCTION has the grit and the feel of real life on the mean streets.”

— Greg Neff, CenFlo International Film Festival

“… an action-packed thriller of a tale with an exceptional cast…”

— ReelHeART International Film Festival

“…This film is engaging from the moment it begins…”

— Anne Alperlaw, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

“Junction is one of those low budget American indies that has everything going for it…”

— Larry Richman, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

“As an independent film, it hits several home runs.”

— Greg Neff, CenFlo International Film Festival

“Solid performances by the cast have you sitting on the edge of your seat…”

— Greg Neff, CenFlo International Film Festival

“…This film will take you to totally unexpected places.”

— Larry Richman, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival

“A thriller that will not only leave you guessing, but shocked.”

— Chris McKittrick, First Time Fest

“Driven by its powerful plot, the beauty of the film is also seeing these characters develop and reveal layers of themselves that expose the reality of human nature.”

— My City Everday, AMFM Fest

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